About Us


To showcase the story of the Caribbean and its people to the rest of the world through sport and culture


Inspiring and representing the Caribbean through the facets of imagery and creativity


The Caribbean has fast become a premier destination for international sporting activities boasting multiple international personalities, but there is yet to be a dedicated quality imagery provider for the Caribbean person. This is where the conceptualization of Caribbean Action Images came from.

CAI or CA-images, was founded in September 2015, and has quickly drawn the attention of multiple corporate investors, who share the vision to invest in marketing the Caribbean and their companies through sport and sporting personalities.

I invite you to discover for yourself the beauty and creativity of the Caribbean captured by our very own community of local and regional image artist. and encourage you to find out more about how the quality of CAI can enhance your company’s marketing and PR.

Allan V. Crane


Caribbean Action Images (CAI) is a photo-journalist agency established in September 2015 specializing in sporting and cultural events.

Though we are relatively new in the industry, the service of CAI is the first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago (and possibly the Caribbean). In addition to covering local and regional sporting events, we provide content of Caribbean athletes participating in international games such as the Olympics and various Prestigious Cups, to name a few.

Caribbean Action Images currently has a team of passionate photographers (fulltime and part-time), with impressive and diverse portfolios whom we send on assignments. Our photographers understand the importance of “Press Time“, and have the ability to deliver, utilizing the technologies and techniques needed for today’s media standard. (We also offer graphic and visual enhancements to meet all your media and marketing needs).

Through the use of technology, we provide a platform which brings the images readily available to clients. This is done by allowing any professional photographers the ability to offer their product alongside CAI’s giving users a wide range of options. It is our view that in a world of technology, it is imperative to use the tools available to always remain modern and relevant in the industry.

We are a company which strives to be the premier destination for local, regional and international sport events happening in and around the Caribbean. We currently boast having the largest image archive of local athletes, the widest coverage of multiple sporting events, local athletes competing around the world and use some of the most advanced equipment currently available in Trinidad and Tobago. Through our innovative technology and a premier cast of photographers, we are able to capture the action shots with unique and amazing precision as it happens

In addition to the electronic based option for purchasing, CAI can also be contracted on an exclusive basis to cover sporting or special events.


Since its founding in September 2015, Caribbean Action Images has been ever growing and expanding its reach both locally and regionally. Among our valued clients, you will find companies and organizations such as:

  • Newsday
  • TT Football Association
  • First Citizens Sport Foundation
  • Mccann Erickson Trinidad LTD,
  • TT Olympic Committee,
  • TT Cricket Board
  • and other well-known National Sporting Organizations (N.S.O) and media houses.

Our business model is based on the budding growth of sport and media and its ever expanding need for local content of Trinidad and Tobago’s athletes at all levels. As such, we acknowledge that there is a need to grow alongside the industry and based on the decision of the company to keep abreast with the fast paced, technology driven world, we have and will continue to possess the best tools and equipment. CAI has already invested over US$300,000 in equipment, as well as CAI is launching a state of the art media website that makes accessing such content easier and more affordable. Through this medium, we can provide professional quality content to anyone, anywhere.

Our vision is to establish a network of photographers throughout the Caribbean, in order to offer the other nations, the same high standard of quality content which we currently provide locally. The aim is to give elite Caribbean athletes the same level of coverage as their other international colleagues. To date, we have covered international events such as:

  • Rally Barbados
  • FIFA World Cup International Qualifiers and friendlies 2013-2014
  • Youth Olympic Games 2014, Nanjing, China
  • CAC games 2014, Veracruz, Mexico
  • Pan-American Games 2015, Toronto, Canada

In addition to this vision, we believe in continuing the development and growth of sport locally in Trinidad and Tobago and see ourselves as a catalyst to promoting patriotism and national pride. CAI sees a great need to continue to build the relationship of sport and media and it is our belief that we can achieve this through working closely with NSOs the garner support for our local athletes alongside exposing the nation’s youth to all the avenues of sport available to them.